Kennington Water Tower


If you’ve ever wanted to live in your own personal apartment tower, you could do worse than the converted Kennington Water Tower. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement, but beyond some of the phenomenal aspects of this repurposed and Grade-II listed monstrosity there are a few quirks and reservations.

Nutbourne Common Pumping Station by Barton Willmore


“A beautifully restored project … a very worthy winner, showing how an industrial type building can become a family home”

Forge Lane Water Tower by AEW Architects & William Blackshaw


Can a humungous pile of bricks from 1881 be considered ‘contemporary’ in 2011?

Kohout Residence by Knowles Blunck Architecture


Echoes of Mid-Century Modern sound great coming from this midwest riverside that sets a new standard in South Dakota.

PF Single Family House by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects


An Alpine lighthouse shows the way in northern Italy.