About Architourist.ca

It happens every day.  You see a magazine or web page full of beautiful images of a contemporary home and …

Oh! My! God!   I want to live there! (The home of my dreams.)

It’s beautiful! (And it is.)

Pretty pictures don’t lie. (But do they tell the truth?)


What does it really look like? 1

Is it >this< close to a railway, a roadway, a superhighway? 2

Does the graveyard next door really matter? 3

Does the razor-wire detract from the sunset? 4

Is this just another “me too” repetitive exercise in architecture? 5

Is this just an architect’s folly? A courageous statement gone terribly wrong? 6

There’s always that lingering question mark, isn’t there?

“If I could just GO there … I would really know!”


Architourist.ca takes you there to help answer these lingering questions.  With the helpful coolness of modern geo-mapping technology and our superb sleuthing we actually find and ‘visit’ the properties featured in popular architectural publications.

Let’s check them out together!  7


Architourist footnotes and philosophies:

  1. Looks?: You are going to find out! Architourist.ca finds the real location of popular contemporary and modern architecture properties.  We’ll review maps and imagery from Google,  Microsoft Bing and others along with information from Wikipedia and other publications.  We’ll see what’s real about these properties and what the design team, build team and owner had to go through to make it happen.
  2. Railways?: Given good engineering you probably won’t be able to tell. And it will be probably be great for the commute.  (Maybe not for resale value.)
  3. Graveyards?: Possibly the absolute best neighbours!  The property will never be developed, leaving solitude and clear vista sightlines. It’s mostly like a private park right next door. People come to groom the grounds, it’s generally very quiet and visitors will never throw a Frisbee in your pool.
  4. Razorwire?: If you can afford a location and build that demands razor wire and CCTV you’ve possibly reached a pinnacle position in life. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just enjoy that view.
  5. “Me Too?”  Time will tell.  While cookie-cutter approaches tend not to be celebrated in the first place, imitation (and adaptation) may be the sincerest form of flattery. Sometimes we’ll take a look back in time to see what might still tug at the heart  (or worse.)
  6. Architect’s Folly?: Could be. Without a doubt, generations of contemporary architects are historically some of the most courageous and leading influences on society.  A good architect can convince a government, client or patron to contribute considerable sums based on pretty pictures, dreams and pure speculation. The great ones are marked in history for their vision, entrepreneurial endurance and artful adaptability.  Sometimes not so much.  And true architectural follies are wonders that deserve your attention.  Yes! We will visit several!
  7. Virtually!  We’re talking about private property here.  Architourist.ca is on the long tail of architectural appreciation. Architects and owners of these amazing properties thamkfully possess a certain egotist/narcissist gene.  Bravo! – They generously give visual access to these creations we crave. Architourist.ca continues this theme: visual access. Please also see our Privacy page.



If you like our sleuthing, style, writing or wry wit – great! That’s why we’re here.  If you’d like to tap into that for your blog or publication please get in touch about guest blogging opportunities.