Brentwood Residence by Belzburg Architects

LA stacks of Pennsylvania bluestone,
wrapped in folds of zinc, serve up inspiration
and new beginnings in Toronto.

Given the amount of coverage Brentwood Residence has enjoyed in architecture and design circles and on fan web-pages, it’s no wonder it proved an inspiration for a Toronto couple.  If you could, it might be nice to say: “I’ll have one just like that one.”  And, if you’re rebuilding from ashes, why not have exactly what you want?  Having these two homes – sisters as they are – invites comparison, but leaves both standing on their own merit.

The Brentwood original by Belzburg certainly has lots to choose from: space-defining stacks of Pennsylvania bluestone, blocky geometric folds of stucco, edge-wrapped in cool zinc and accented with Mangaris wood siding, large glazed panels giving way to the outdoors.  Outdoors is arguably where the largest differences are to be found.  In LA, the land is flat, sparsely treet, deeper and more inhabitable.  In TO, the land slopes deeply into a heavily-wooded ravine, narrowing slightly.  The tree-shaded, 48-foot infinity-edge pool in Toronto leads to … more trees; in Brentwood the pool leads to a large guest house and a tennis court beyond  The court is completely illuminated and sports a backboard for hoops fans.  In Toronto, the games area is largely housed in the basement which guarantees availability year-round.  Hagy Belzburg and designer designer Meg Joannides have worked together before and it shows, as they work together again to deliver impressive and eye-catching results in both Brentwood and Toronto.

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Brentwood Residence by Belzburg Architects
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Property Location

Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Brentwood, Los Angeles, California


Brentwood Residence by Belzberg Architects

From the architect:

The Brentwood Residence is located on a large picturesque lot in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Because the lot did not offer any immediate views from the buildable area of the property, the structures that comprise the project were designed to engage each other while focusing attention on the built and natural landscape within. The lot features a large California Oak tree on the rear half of the site which serves as the focal point of the formal procession through the project. To counteract the formal setup of the site plan the spatial organization has been setup to challenge the established axis without eroding it.

To achieve this, pathways have been intentionally designed to dissolve and reappear along the route. The line clearly divides the formal living area of the main house from the informal public spaces but it is counteracted by the complex interlocking geometry and asymmetrical volumes that make up the exterior.

As a homage to the palette of classic Mid-Century design, the house features a material composition of steel troweled plaster, gauged and stacked Pennsylvania Bluestone, and Mangaris wood siding.


Principal: Hagy Belzberg
Project Manager: Daniel Rentsch
Project Team: Carina Bien-Willner, Bill Bowen, Justin Brechtel, David Cheung, Brock DeSmit, Barry Gartin, Warren Bradley Lang, Erik Sollom, Eric Stimmel, Ryan Thomas
Interior Design: MLK Studio / Meg Joannides
Photography:   Art Gray Photography ,   Fotoworks, Benny Chan Photography
Area: 12,000 sq. ft.
Completed: 2007


  • 2009 Prism Award – Residential Best Use of Stone
  • 2009 Los Angeles Business Council Architecture Award: Private Residence