Briar Creek Farm by Robert M. Cain Architect

A master plan and new residence for a family of five on a site of several hundred acres situated in the South Carolina coastal plain.

Houzz would like you to think that this “country contemporary” property is outside of “Barnville”, South Carolina. But that would be way off the map – we’re looking for Varnville, Hampton County, SC, and Briar Creek Farm by architect Robert M. Cain. Houzz Editor Mitchell Parker describes the property, perhaps more from plans and text than as-built photographs:

Cain considered every aspect of the design, including controlling the way the property reveals itself to guests. He designed a semicircular driveway that forces guests to first see the lake and fishing pier (while entering from the main road on the left), with views of the houses appearing faintly through the trees. Guests then curve around through towering oaks that offer glimpses only of the houses, then pass the lawn of parallel pine and oaks to finally face the entire house.

That might be so if following the plantings of trees in the landscape plan, but  Google and Bing show only four of these at the crossroads in the aerial map views.  It seems the plan was a plan and not to become reality.  The sweeping traces of an apparently former farmhouse road suggest that this is not the first structure built here, but not with this new siting away from the clearing at the terminus of the curving roadbed. That curved road appears less used in the later Google image than from Bing.  (Age being evident from the increased growth of trees and buildings in Google’s views.) Perhaps it is yet to become the main road: we’ll have to come back and check with the next satellite images.

Briar Creek Site And Landscape Plan via

by Atlanta Architects & Designers Robert M. Cain, Architect @


Briar Creek Farm by Robert M. Cain Architect
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Property Location

Hampton County, South Carolina
Hampton County, SC, USA

The Houzz tour is worth the trip for Parker’s narrative and Cain’s discussion of his approach to the property, including treatment of the forestry and ‘lake’ excavation.

This is a sample from their range of images by photographer Rob Karosis.



Briar Creek Farm by Robert M. Cain Architect