Casa Sulla Morella by Studio Cittaarchitettura

Design detail means this casa is outside of the box.

In the home of Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, De Tomaso and Maserati, you might expect something from Emilia-Romagna to be imbued with dramatic design.  At first glance this big white box in the countryside seems lacking but, in truth, it’s anything but boring.  A contemporary Italian family villa, Casa Sulla Morella is wrapped in a white surround that protects from the sun and rain and offers a platform for play or entertaining.  The unique wrapping continues with panels that cover the window openings for summer solar protection, while rooftop solar panels delivery green energy year-round.  Casa Sulla Morella is set 60m from the roadway, yet perhaps another 100m away from the stream that gives this residence its name.  The foundation is engineered to be easy on the water table and even the walkway and drive follow the established furrows that mark the agricultural heritage of the land.

Sit back with a glass of Lambrusco, enjoy the design and the Reggio-Emilia countryside.


Casa Sulla Morella by Studio Cittaarchitettura
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Castelnovo di Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Castelnovo di Sotto, Emilia-Romagna, IT


Casa Sulla Morella by Studio Cittaarchitettura

From the architect:

Inserted between rural landscape and sited 60m from the road, suspended high above the ground to protect groundwater and surface terramaricoli memory of the settlements, the residence is made up of two elements mutually offset to the north-east: the porch or reliever and climate living space or insulating body.

With an orientation of 18° [1] to the west the house takes full advantage of the contributions bioclimatic that, due to the geometry of the porch, the large windows to the south and artifacts at sliding anticipate the opening irradiation the “winter sun” and protection from the “afternoon summer sun.” Study of solar axonometries allowed, therefore, to assess the impact of sunshine on the package and suitably dimensioned shielding of fixed vertical baffles and sports horizontal and mobile screens sliding panels.

The combination of some characters of the farmhouses are reproduced through a Euclidean reason, which in the key shape function, distill elements as the “gateway dead” (space through the ventilation in the home), the “eaves” (extension of coverage to protect the vertical walls) and the “porch”(juxtaposed or integrated coverage for the protection of open spaces and exterior of the building).

The house has a structure with supporting partitions (minor presence of thermal bridges) formed by a porous brick of 38cm coupled to a layer of insulating coat on the outer side of 10cm, the slabs are in laterocemento with curbs and concrete slabs armed properly insulated and separated while the roof has a layer of 22cm of isolation coupled with a roof covering sheet metal part and in part connected to a drainage system for rainwater harvesting.

The windows are double glazed and laminated wood, low emissive with argon gas. The integrated plant with automation allows for a reduction in fuel consumption by controlling the temperature of individual rooms, the preparation of efficient work of major home appliances, auto power off the lights in empty rooms, the controlled generation of water heating and adjustment of the times of use of the individual devices.

The heating system consists of radiant panels fed from a boiler with low condensation while the hot water is supplemented by solar panels placed on the cover in which it is in the course of realization of a photovoltaic system integrated 6 Kw. The house is equipped with a mechanized system of air circulation bringing the expected consumption for heating at 5.19 kWh/mq.year.

[1] 22° per drawings


Project Title: House On Morella
Designer: Arch Andrea Oliva,
Collaborators: Arch Luca Paroli, Mr. David Zilioli
Location: Castelnuovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia
Address: Strada Gazzo
Lot area: 16120 , 50 sqm
Gross area of the work: 390,00 m²
Gross volume built: 2706.60 mc
Design: 2007 / Build: 2009
Photography: Kai-Uwe Schulte-Bunert