House P by bergmeisterwolf Architects

House P by bergmeisterwolf Architects
House P - eyes closed
House P - eyes open

House P looks like mountain magic in a modern architecture wrapper: big windows on all sides in a sloping valley setting with mountain views, watercourse, walls of trees, and much, much more. –


From the photo galleries for House P you might have expected to arrive at a home in a small village. A tree-filled lot with a few quiet neighbours like a church and an old hotel. After all, Italy’s South Tyrol region is actually about as far north as you can get in Italy before you cross over the Alps into Austria, with a reported population less than 3,000.

While in Italy, Mühlbach is perhaps more German than Italian. Wikipedia reports 95% of residents as German speaking, and only 3% Italian. The municipality’s web page defaults to German; Italian is but an option.

We find that Mühlbach delivers something different in architecture, too, with House P actually sited in the middle of what passes for an urban centre where fewer than 3,000 people are involved: buses, trains, highways, two tunnel entrances, parkings lots and more.

However, the views *over* the transportation and down the valley are quite scenic. And when you want to shut it all out you just lower the magic black louvers over the windows and your contemporary cocoon is ready.

So House P seems to have it all. This also includes design recognition with a section in “einfamilienhäuser, das ultimative planungsbuch” (roughly: ‘Single Family Homes: The Ultimate Planning Guide’). (einfamilienhäuser – aka ‘EFH’ @ Wikipedia)

Original GSV date July 2011

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House-P by bergmeisterwolf Architects
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Listed location: Mühlbach, South Tyrol, Italy
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South Tyrol, Italy



House P by bergmeisterwolf Architects