LG house by thirdstone [^] modern house

LG house by thirdstone [^] modern house

“The home is built on a lot so small – 25 feet wide – that the city of Edmonton originally wouldn’t approve the building plans.” – Rachel Hummeny, Alberta Home magazine

When over 66,000 people “like” your kitchen and put pictures of it in their ideabooks on Houzz you could probably say that it’s popular. When another 42,000 like your bathroom, it’s a sure thing. These are just some of the numbers behind the popular – and budget concious – LG house by Edmonton, Alberta’s thirdstone [^] modern house + landscape design. (Total count of ideabook additions at time of publication is 156,853.)

Some of the other numbers involved:

  • 25 feet wide – the lot size
  • 17 feet wide – the building size
  • 3400 square feet – the living space carefully planned into the other two numbers
  • $269,000 – 2008 purchase price for the building site
  • $450,000 – construction budget
  • countless – the number of people rushing to Ikea for a kitchen and flooring

LG house is filled with ideas an innovations that not only look good in terms of contemporary architecture and style, but also do so without breaking the bank. Architect Louis Pereira has conjured quite something out of almost nothing – ‘nothing’ being half of a previously split lot in a neighbourhood where fifty feet is the norm.  What he has also stirred up is the imagination of tens of thousands of designers and homeowners to emulate his take on contemporary style done on a budget.

Another innovation for suburbia – no lawnmower. LG house is by economic necessity built-out to a high lot coverage as a lesser home couldn’t command the price that the lot and neighbourhood demand.  But this leaves no room for lawn or additional trees in the remaining, limited greenspace. At least one Houzzer has lamented the lack of trees and the potential for a “very cold and drab concrete jungle” should the rest of the street be so redeveloped. We can see that this is an unlikely outcome. The age of the previously existing structure indicates this is not a current planning development, rather Pereira and thirdstone are making the best use of an existing, narrow site.

Municipal planners would have to approve modern lot-splitting by developers in vast numbers to grow a “concrete jungle”. What the neighbourhood is showing the Google and Bing Architourist is that homeowners and developers are taking advantage of a desirable neighbourhood with large lots to rebuild or renovate larger homes.

Something different than the multi-million dollar modern builds usually seen in the contemporary space, LG house is worth a deeper read at Houzz in thirdstone’s Project Statement and photo gallery and the Houzz tour by editor Mitchell Parker.

LG house was the cover feature in Alberta Home magazine, December 2011.


LG house by thirdstone [^] modern house
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Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Edmonton, Alberta, CA


LG house by thirdstone [^] modern house




  1. Gosh ! LG House completely shades the entire property next door to the north.

    The satellite views in the Google Maps gallery, especially the top right image of
    the eight photo set plainly show how LG House blocks off the neighbor. How
    inconsiderate, especially when this owner has made provision for a sunny patio
    of his own.

    • Hi Marty,
      Yes, the neighbour will be in more shadow at times. In the Bing satellite view it seems to be a little more forgiving. I’ve found Google’s satellite imagery in some areas to be inferior, from Edmonton to LA. Thanks for your comment!

      • At times ? Like sunrise to sunset?

        Consider that the satellite images show conditions in the summer when the
        sun is higher in the sky at noon. Edmonton’s latitude is 53.53°. In winter,
        the short days and lower position of the sun will present an even gloomier

        A flat roof building this tall, this long and this close to the property line is
        no different than a solid 10 meter high fence.

        Good grief !