Locomotive Ranch Trailer by Andrew Hinman Architecture

A trailer lightly disguised as a locomotive on a river in the desert.

A certain house trailer has become very popular on architectural blogs of late – an award-winning one. One engineered into a locomotive-like contemporary shelter, restored and polished and outfitted to perfection. So, of course, we had to see where it really lives as the “Locomotive Ranch Trailer”, in Uvalde, Texas.

And we did find the trailer – both in its current and former incarnations. Bing Maps again delivers up the present and the past, revealing both the build site as it once was and the previous home for the Loco Ranch Trailer. Bing shows our quarry next to a small building with a large roof, perhaps 500 feet south of the present day site nearer the banks of the Nueces River, stored as “one of the client’s cherished possessions”.

Today it looks shiny and brand new and now that it’s out of storage and out of the way it appears that the owner/client has moved on to a much larger project with the construction of a new home replacing an existing structure. Built around many of the trees on site, it’s not apparent that Andrew Hinman Architecture is behind the new work. We’re coming back for a return tour to find out.


Locomotive Ranch Trailer by Andrew Hinman Architecture
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Locomotive Ranch Trailer by Andrew Hinman Architecture 29.115269, -99.881923 Locomotive Ranch Trailer by Andrew Hinman Architecture


Bing Map Gallery:

Bing’s views show both the original raw land and the site with foundations.


Google Map Gallery:

Google serves up  the finished structures, both Locomotive Ranch Trailer and the second project next door.


Property Location

Uvalde County, Texas, USA
Uvalde Country, TX, USA


Locomotive Ranch Trailer by Andrew Hinman Architecture

From the architect:

One of the client’s cherished possessions is a vintage streamlined aluminum house (not travel) trailer, and he wanted to relocate the trailer to the family’s favorite spot on their South Texas ranch overlooking the Nueces River. Given the fragile geology and the flash-flood prone nature of the riverside location, the trailer’s foundation and protection required special considerations. The resulting solution is a steel-framed, metal-roofed cradle, right at home amongst the existing rain barns and ranch equipment sheds. The cradle lifts the trailer above the flood plain and provides accessory components, sweeping river views, and safe access to the fishing/swimming hole. The cradle is anchored by a concrete blockhouse containing utilities, storage, and bathroom and topped by a screened sleeping loft. Rainwater harvesting is SOP in South Texas. The trailer interior is refurbished with bamboo panels. Interior lighting is provided by LED cove & mini-spots. The Ipe and Douglas Fir decking is FSC certified.


Design: Andrew Hinman Architecture
Photography: Paul Bardigjy




  1. Stunning design and build. inspirational thanks man!