Wave House by KBC Developments

Building waves with glass and concrete, steel, aluminum and wood.

4417 Christophe-Colomb by Henri Cleinge ARCHITECTE

In a province and city continually striving to build heritage and history, we find a wood-framed cottage dating back to the 1800s replaced by a glass and brick contemporary home. How can that be?

Bohemier Residence by 5468796 Architecture & Cohlmeyer Architecture

“The site encompasses two former river lots in one 100 foot x 400 foot heavily treed parcel with a deep front yard and a steep drop to the flood-prone river edge.”

SD house by thirdstone inc. [^]

A crisp edifice featuring a modern facade with a decisively minimalist profile.

Toronto Residence by Belzberg Architects

L.A. Design origins use stacks of Irish limestone, wrapped in zinc, glass and wall-to-wall walnut to deliver a design winner in Toronto.