PF Single Family House by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects

An Alpine lighthouse shows the way in northern Italy.

burnazzi-feltrin_pf_050_295Most of what we see featured in the world of residential contemporary architecture are do-overs, where a client loves a site and clears it to make way for New & Improved. The occasional renovation may be lighter on the budget but has to take into account the existing structure, work it into the newness and make it all come together.  PF by BFA is one of these projects. We don’t get to see much of the base building but the new, upper floors are built with a span type made famous in Belgium in the last half of the 19th century. Seems to work just fine in the 21st century, too.

An origami staircase rising three levels and a window feature in the floor go hand in hand with the modern, gloss interior.  Outside, the woodwork is reminiscent of both Switzerland’s Gottshalden House by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten and Canada’s Two Hulls by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, yet is unique in the use of overhangs, voids and extensions to other levels. The inverted roof and play of lights on the large eaves turn PF house into a lighthouse in the Italian alps.

Video from the architects shows PF House rising above the pre-existing structure and how the result fits in the rural tradition of Trentino.

“Edificio unifamiliare PF – Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti”


PF Single Family House by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects
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PF Single Family House by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects 46.054317, 11.238928 PF Single Family House by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects

Original Street View Date: June 2012
Google Street View is worth the walk at PF house, showcasing panoramic mountain views. The narrow roads below PF House are covered by Google Street View as well, although roadwork here and on the main strada above limit some vantage points.


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Property Location

Pergine Valsugana, Trento, Italy
Pergine Valsugana, Trento, Italy


PF Single Family House by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects

From the architect*:

The PF single family house, the remodeling and rebuilding of an already existing edifice, lies half way along the ridge below the medieval castle of Pergine Valsugana and it is located in an ideal position, both as to the beautiful view on the valley it enjoys and the sun exposure, excellent all year around.

The main characteristics of the design and planning are the structure, the energy efficiency and the spatial inside-outside continuity.

The steel supporting structure of the enlargement is completely independent from the already existing edifice: through a Vierendel beam, the first floor is connected to the ceiling, thus allowing a totally pillar-free ground floor.

The edifice core is characterized by high energy performance elements: the outside walls are made up of prefabricated-preassembled wood with wooden fiber panel insulation, the larch casing and frames are low emission of heat. The whole-house systems use high efficiency ventilation. Radiant walls and floors are used for heating and cooling. Solar powered system provides hot water and domotic technology characterizes the electric system.

The widespread wood usage fosters the deep bound to the rural architecture of this region; the building is composed of two constructive levels: the inferior “heavy” one, and the superior “light” one, almost completely covered with listels. Here, the large glass embossed loggias, with the larch wood penetrating all the way into the building, onto the floor and the walls, create a strong interrelation between the indoor and the outdoor, between private space and the rural surrounding.

*”Text is property of Davide Feltrin and Elisa Burnazzi.”



Architects: Burnazzi Feltrin Architects
Location: Pergine Valsugana, Trento, Italy
Design Team: Burnazzi Feltrin Architects (Burnazzi Elisa arch., Feltrin Davide arch.) and Pegoretti Paolo arch.
Photographs: Images are property of architects Davide Feltrin, Elisa Burnazzi, Paolo Pegoretti and photographer Carlo Baroni
Structural Design : Roberto Svaldi ing.
Heating System: Giuliano Cattani ing.
Electrical System: Mirco Girardi per. ind.
Area: 430 m^2 (only enlargement)
Cubage: 1732 m^3 (only enlargement)
Year: 2009