Promenade Residence #66 by BGD Architects

Tennis anyone?

#66 The Promenade didn’t spark much interest at first glance after spending some time at #47, also by BGD Architects. There’s no apparent promotion, publication or blog chatter about 66, not even a text blurb from the architect and some of the furnishings, finishes and fixtures aren’t to our taste.  But the minor novelty of replacing a tennis court with a luxury contemporary home and other design details commanded another look.

The neighbour – and apparent original owner – at 68 The Promenade seems to still have the same boat as seen in our aerial map views, so we’re not sure how their sporting lifestyle has changed now that they’re no longer playing tennis at #66 – where changes run to the foundations.

Given a regulation tennis court at 60 by 120 feet, the lot size is rather common for suburbia.  As with many things, it’s mainly a matter of how you use it: 66 clearly fills the available space to the planning borders, leaving smallish outdoor spaces fore and aft. The layout in the narrow backyard strip between house and waters edge is reminiscent of the tail end of a small motor yacht:  steps from the main deck lead to an entertainment cockpit with plush bench seating, leading then to a ladder, swim deck and the water. In this case the ladder is a ramp and the swim deck is a dock.

A second interesting aspect of this play area is the combination of deck, pool, entertainment cockpit, beach, dock and boat. It ‘s a lot to fit together in a small space, but BGD makes it work.  The only thing missing is an infinity edge on the pool to blend it with the river beyond.

Subtle and mostly unnoticed, is the large covered outdoor area afforded by the cantilevered deck and overhang from the upper floor.  The clear space and sightlines make this area supremely usable.

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Promenade Residence #66 by BGD Architects
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Original Street View Date: November 2009


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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


Promenade Residence #66 by BGD Architects