SD house by thirdstone inc. [^]

A crisp edifice featuring a modern facade with a decisively minimalist profile
– thirdstone inc.

From the moment you turn the corner to face this modern melange of cubes you know it’s unique.

It’s not the only contemporary home in this upscale neighbourhood, but the approach is different still: a single drive leads to a tandem garage, and further to a laneway at the rear of the property.  It offers double-driveway size with half the impact on the facade, and is further minimized, being set back with a monochromatic treatment.  The eye is naturally drawn to the progression of lines and shapes that define the facade and entry.

This home has terraces front, upper and rear and each is unique.  The front terrace platform is unexpected and “borrows” the lush ravine landscape from across the street, bringing it into the adjoining living room, giving it greenery front and rear. The upper terrace is an open-topped cube that draws again on the neighbouring ravine. Not often found on homes in four–season climes are sliding screens in ipe hardwood that lend privacy to the terrace  and adjoining lounge and guest bedroom.  The rear terrace shines with a full southern exposure. It hugs the house yet maintains clearance for deep lightwells for the basement rooms.

Here again, thirdstone takes a unique approach. The home is only 3500 square feet above ground, leaving the lot (and budget) with a lighter feel, yet another 1,650 square feet lies underground with bedroom, lounge, storage, laundry and mechanical space.  It’s those large lightwells on the south faced that deliver daylight and allow comfortable use of this space.

SD house shows Louis Pereira’s mind at work delivering something current, thoughtful and different for this Edmonton landscape.


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Edmonton, Alberta, CA
Edmonton, Alberta, CA

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SD house by thirdstone inc. [^]

Description from thirdstone:

Situated in a quiet residential neighbourhood west of downtown Edmonton, this custom dwelling is a crisp edifice featuring a modern facade with a decisively minimalist profile.

Facing north toward the splendour of a mature ravine park, the compact but efficient house was designed entirely to meet the client’s needs while responding to site conditions that visually extend beyond the property edges to the ‘borrowed’ landscape.

From the street, the landscape and series of architectural garden walls greet visitors to an implied enclosure, acting as both a territorial passage between public and private and by symbolizing arrival to the homeowner’s domain. The cast concrete is harmonious with the tones of the building’s exterior and asserts its worth within the landscape.

The front exterior is regulated by a double-height central volume accented by an extruded aperture extending over the front entrance. The remaining front facade is flanked on the west side by placate outdoor terraces on the main and upper levels. The convenient main level terrace, accessed via the Living Room, is sheltered by the extended roof line above, while the upper terrace – a cubed frame – is open to the sky. The terrace is further animated by sliding ipe screens that provide privacy and solar shade. East of the main entry is a recessed tandem garage, deliberately subdued to lessen the impact of a front facing garage.

Overall, the exterior finishing is a deftly combined palette of glass, metal, luxuriant ipe and predominately tepid charcoal walls.

The double-height interior at the front entry compresses to an average height at the transition to the open main living space, again as a gesture to decipher communal from private. The combined Kitchen, Dining and Living Room are a bright and airy space with an engaging view of the tree-lined rear garden. The extensive glass walls frame the garden and allow the sun’s rays to penetrate the entire space with its warmth and play of daylight. Subtle outdoor lighting provides a visual connection in the evening and to ensure the peripheral senses remain connected with the motioning outdoor amenities.

A sculptural steel and open-riser staircase leads to the second floor level and private wing consisting of bedrooms, washrooms, a cosy sanctum, a roof terrace and an exercise room with views through the double-height entrance to the undulating tree tops of the ravine beyond.


Designer: thirdstone inc.
Builder: Habitat Studio & Workshop
Photography: © Merle Prosofsky


Main Floor 1,670 + 566 Garage
Second Floor 1,779
Basement 1,651
Total Area 5,100 sq. ft.