Wave House by KBC Developments

Building waves with glass and concrete, steel, aluminum and wood.

What can you do when the lot is steep and narrow (22 feet) with tight planning boundaries,  but you need room for four cars and a motorcycle? When you’re these homeowners, you find a great designer and a great builder.  Then you commit to finding room for a glass-walled wine cellar, multiple terraces, multiple water & fire features, an elevator, a complete separate basement suite, and more.  Then you style the whole place yourself in a clean contemporary theme of waves over sea & sky, surf & sand. Easy.


Wave House by KBC Developments &
Concept to Design
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Google Street View finds the crew hard at work on the main entry facade.

Google Maps delivers the original residence, sporting either solar panels or a row of windows like the windshield of an old cabin cruiser.
Bing Maps delivers both new and old structures in fuzzy close-up detail.

Property Location

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada


Wave House by KBC Developments & Concept to Design

From the designer:

Situated on a challenging sloped lot, an elegant and modern home was achieved with a focus on warm walnut, stainless steel, glass and concrete. Each floor, named Sand, Sea, Surf and Sky, is connected by a floating walnut staircase and an elevator concealed by walnut paneling in the entrance.

The home captures the expansive and serene views of the ocean, with spaces outdoors that incorporate water and fire elements. Ease of maintenance and efficiency was paramount in finishes and systems within the home. Accents of Swarovski crystals illuminate the corridor leading to the master suite and add sparkle to the lighting throughout.

A sleek and functional kitchen was achieved featuring black walnut and charcoal gloss millwork, also incorporating a concealed pantry and quartz surfaces. An impressive wine cooler displays bottles horizontally over steel and walnut, spanning from floor to ceiling.

Features were integrated that capture the fluid motion of a wave and can be seen in the flexible slate on the contoured fireplace, Modular Arts wall panels, and stainless steel accents. The foyer and outer decks also display this sense of movement.

At only 22 feet in width, and 4300 square feet of dramatic finishes, a four car garage that includes additional space for the client’s motorcycle, the Wave House was a productive and rewarding collaboration between the client and KBC Developments.


House Design: Concept to Design Inc.
Builder: KBC Developments
Framing: Watercrest Construction
Interior & Finishes: Client
Area: 4,822 sq. ft.
Photography: Tony Puerzer, Rob Campbell
Featured: Homes & Living Magazine – Vancouver Aug/Sept 2012


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